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Emotional Dynamics in Family Business: Challenges & Opportunities

(June 2012)

When a business decision becomes a family problem – Stephen imagined his 65th birthday party at his son Kevin’s home would fill him with a sense of achievement. He and his wife, Gloria, just five years younger, had built their …


When Family Dynamics are Dangerous for Your Family Business

(June 2012)

Managing family dynamics is key to maintain both business success and preserving family wealth.


Family Councils and the Role of the Facilitator

(June 2012)

A family council is a way of holding family meetings—and can be particularly useful when making key decisions.


Uncover Succession Stumbling Blocks

(June 2012)

The succession planning process requires time, resources and scheduling—just as running the business does.


Do You Make These Conversation Mistakes?

(June 2012)

When we learn to stop using unproductive ways of communicating, we open up real possibility for agreement.


15 Ways to Cultivate Meeting Success

(June 2012)

Foster productive business and family interactions with these powerful communication techniques.