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Transforming Family Business Conflict

In September 2012, I co-presented a ninety-minute webinar for the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise.  It was attended by forty-five members and a recording of the webinar is available on CAFE’s website.  It is for members of family businesses and associate members.

I co-presented with Michelle LeBaron, from the University of British Columbia Law Faculty.  Michelle is an international expert in conflict resolution and the author of a number of articles on the subject.  In the presentation, we explored approaches to resolving and transforming conflict for useful outcomes.  We also modeled a complex conflict situation through role-play.  Members attending were encouraged to ask questions and notice patterns as we moved through a first role-play that presented the conflict and a subsequent role-play where one of us was still reactive and the other utilized the principles outlined in the webinar to bring the intensity of the differences involved into a more mature and useful dialogue.

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