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Families get trapped in conflict, in indecision, in power struggles, in emotional turmoil. This not only impacts the family members, it affects their businesses, their wealth—and by extension it creates tough sledding for their trusted advisors working to support strategic, succession or wealth planning for families and their businesses.

Get beyond the emotional

Oftentimes the most difficult issues faced by family businesses are not the business problems themselves. Rather, families stumble on the emotional issues that hinder effective planning. This is the realm where I can assist you most.

A profitable partner

My expertise involves partnering with tax experts, lawyers, accountants, estate planners and other advising professionals to remove the relationship roadblocks that can derail the entire advising process. Working in close collaboration with you and your family business clients, I can help you to transform discord into definitive action.

Discrete and tactful coaching

I understand that bringing another consultant into the mix can be tricky. My job is to work closely with you beforehand to understand the dynamics of the situation, and to make sure our work together is congruent with both your goals and those of your business family clients.

How can I help

  • Leadership or ownership transitions – Succession is a highly sensitive process. I can help manage the emotional component so that the strategic component can succeed
  • Family communication coaching – Get families working constructively on their differences
  • Partner on multi-disciplinary teams – Provide support in developing relationships that benefit the planning and decision-making processes
  • Dispute resolution and negotiations – Help your family clients move beyond conflict and find ways to resolve their differences constructively
  • Family meeting coaching – Facilitate productive family meetings and creating a solid foundation for future

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