For Families

As a seasoned coach for families initiating—or stuck in—transitions, I understand the high stakes involved. I can help your family achieve its potential, boosting the success of your relationships and your business.

Transition towards greater
family harmony

There is no more difficult place for a family than being trapped: in conflict, in indecision, in emotional turmoil. I have experienced it firsthand in my own family business, and seen it countless times in my close to four decades of business and family coaching experience. There is a way forward.

Manage the details but focus
on the big picture

I understand deeply the strengths and challenges inherent in family relationships—especially when business, power and money are involved. By looking at the larger family dynamics, I am able to resolve specific issues within the context of larger objectives: the growth, prosperity and harmony of the family and the business. The result? A cohesive, communicative family with shared goals and methods to build a prosperous future together.

I can help your family

  • Resolve conflicts and use disagreements constructively
  • Plan effectively to create a multi- generational business
  • Bring your family values and vision into the business
  • Successfully negotiate family and business challenges
  • Develop family councils and other decision-making processes
  • Facilitate family meetings
  • Communicate constructively on a consistent basis
  • Reach peak performance through neuro-Optimal training

Common cases

While no family is typical, here are a few scenarios that outline common situations where families come to me for help.

Ian Macnaughton Recognized for Outstanding Achievement

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